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Endowed and Funded Scholarships

There are many ways to support a Catholic education at Cardinal Newman.  Cardinal Newman is very blessed to have the financial support of alumni, parent-alumni and community members, who have taken up the torch to pass on Catholic education to the next generation and generations to come.  Their gifts come in the form of funded scholarships or endowments.

Funded Scholarships

A funded scholarship is a sum of money set aside specifically for the designated purpose as determined by Cardinal Newman School and the donor.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowment is an investment method that preserves the principal amount while income is earned.  Only the income from the investment can be designated for use as determined by Cardinal Newman School and the donor.  An endowment is an excellent vehicle for donors wishing to provide long-term support for Cardinal Newman.

Our Endowed and Funded Scholarships

The following scholarships are available for current Cardinal Newman School students.  Students will be invited to apply to available scholarships in January with applications closing in March.  

For more information on applying to these scholarships, or to learn more about starting a scholarship fund at Cardinal Newman School, please contact Amy Yoho in the Advancement Office at 803-888-1620.