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Service Program

Service is a cornerstone of of our faith. Serving others is one way we can share God's love through action. The service requirement is based on the example of Jesus who came “not to be served but to serve” (Matthew 20:26).  Service is an integral part of educating the whole child. Through service, our students will gain a sense of empathy for others, leading to a desire to contribute to our community through acts of service.  It will also help to develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

Students will be required to complete a designated number of hours each year and complete a written reflection of their service including Scriptural references and knowledge of faith learned in their Theology class. Service is logged through Mobile Serve

Required hours for each grade for the year:

Middle school students – 15hrs

9th grade – 20hrs

10th grade – 30hrs

11th & 12th grades – 40hrs


Teens (ages 11–15) Bronze: 50–74 hrs          Silver: 75–99 hrs       Gold: 100+ hrs       

YA (ages 16–18)     Bronze: 100–174 hrs        Silver: 175–249 hrs     Gold: 250+ hrs

Required hours can be divided between service to the church, the school and the community - the 3 pillars. Organizations should be non-profit & engaged in activities that are not contrary to Catholic teaching.

Community service hours: half must be completed before Christmas break, and the rest by the second week of April.

Each grade will be given opportunities for service but not all service requirements can or will be met in conjunction with school. Examples of organizations within the 3 pillars are as follows, though there are countless others:

Church:                                            Community:                                        School:

Local Churches                                Urban League                                    Retreat Team

VBS                                                    Harvest Hope                                     Christian Service Team

Catholic Charities                            Transitions                                         CN Dance Marathon

                                                           Oliver Gospel 

                                                           Special Olympics                                               

Mission Trips:

This year our students took a trip to Mexico. 


Traveling to Mexico for the mission trip was really an eye-opening experience for me and my classmates. Hearing the laughter from the eyes of children we visited, the gratefulness in the eyes of the elderly we met, and the thankfulness of all the families we came in contact with, made the long trip worth all the while.

Kemp Wilson, CN Class of 2024

2023 Mission Trip to Mexico