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Organist Academy

THE ORGANIST ACADEMY exists to address a need for trained organists to serve the many Christian denominations that desire to use organ in their worship liturgy. We are looking for young faith-filled students in whom God has created a musical talent and whom we might challenge to explore a possible vocation in church music or for the simple enjoyment of learning to do something different, that not many people in the world can do.
Any rising 6th – 12th grader with 2+ years of piano background may apply.
STUDENTS WITH 2+ YEARS OF PIANO BACKGROUND meet with the organ instructor prior to entering Organ Academy Certification Level 1. 

IN ADDITION TO WEEKLY PRIVATE INSTRUCTION Academy students get together four times each school year in an organ class to hear or make presentations on topics related to pipe organs e.g., Ukraine and Russia Pipe Organs, J.S. Bach Spent Time in Jail, Ten Largest Pipe Organs in the World, and more. Students perform assigned pieces while their peers look on and give helpful feedback, strengthening their public performance capabilities.
ORGAN CRAWLS HAPPEN TWICE A YEAR. Students participate in two annual all-day organ-crawls each school year, visiting four pipe organ installations on each crawl. Students go inside a pipe organ to see close-up, how everything works: pipes, chests, console, wind blowers, everything. For those who are brave… experience the sounds of a pipe organ from inside the organ! You’ll never be the same.

HONORS ORGAN ACADEMY is an option for any student who wants to delve into the world of pipe organ on a deeper level. In addition to the normal Organ Academy requirements, Honors students work with the instructor to submit two research projects annually on topics related to pipe organs. The student presents the research project to the organ class. Isn’t it time to try something new? We want YOU on an organ bench!


Brad Cunningham

Brad Cunningham