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Cardinal Chorale is Cardinal Newman’s premier choral ensemble. The group is held to the highest standards of choral literature and performance. Cardinal Chorale is an auditioned choir that is made up of a maximum of 32 singers. The repertoire of the Chorale covers all genres from the Renaissance era through contemporary compositions by living composers. The ensemble performs at various concerts/events at CN, in the Columbia Community, and is also the primary liturgical choir for all CN liturgies. Cardinal Chorale attends SCMEA’s performance assessment and travels on a performance tour every other year. In April of 2017 the Cardinal Chorale performed in a DCINY concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City under Maestro James Meaders. Recent composers performed are Gjeilo, Powell, Palestrina, Mozart, Carter, Haydn, Whitacre, Farrant, Handel, Tavener, Pitoni, and Ticheli.

Honor Choir is Cardinal Newman’s select middle school choir. Students are selected for Honor Choir based on audition or recommendation by their elementary music educator from one of our feeder schools. Students in Honor Choir are held to the same standards as the Cardinal Chorale as Honor Choir is the primary feeder into CN’s top performing group. Students in Honor Choir get preference in auditioning for Cardinal Chorale. Choristers in Honor Choir will learn advanced vocal techniques and sight-singing skills. Repertoire for this ensemble includes all genres encompassing music from Renaissance era through contemporary compositions. Honor Choir performs at CN concerts and other events in the community, as well as, SCMEA’s middle school performance assessment event.