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Homework Lab

Hello Cardinal Newman parents,


This school year is going to be wonderful; full of opportunities for your child to get the support and guidance they may need or desire. Teachers at Cardinal Newman do offer time for extra help during the school day (during skinnies and free blocks) and after school by appointment. If a student is still struggling, and requires more intervention, we are offering the Homework Lab again after school this year. The Homework Lab sessions are from 3:00- 4:15 Monday - Thursday.  


During sessions we will help students identify any missing work, help create a plan of completion, and support them in getting started. We will guide them to meet with their teachers to help improve content understanding, and we will offer support for English through our Literacy Interventionist. There is a fee of $50.00 per week for this program, or you can pay $250.00 per quarter for this service.  


Parents can register their student using this google form. Parents will then be billed through FACTS. Once you register your child, it is their responsibility to follow up and attend the scheduled HW lab. The sign up form will be put up on the website, here, for easy access throughout the school year. HW lab will be located in A Wing, in the Student Support Center across the hall from student bathrooms. 


Again the program will include: 


  1. Reviewing student's grades.
  2. Helping them manage their current work.
  3. Help them create a manageable plan to complete any missing work.
  4. Work with a Literacy Interventionist to enhance their skills in English Language Arts.


After HW lab, students will be sent to the after care until they are picked up. Aftercare is open until 5:30pm and is in the cafeteria (Alumni Hall.) 


Best regards,

John Roth, MAT

Director of Tiered Support