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Grade Level Retreats
Each class participates in a grade-level retreat once a year. These retreats give the students the opportunity for a definite time spent away from their daily activities for the purpose of reconnecting with God and each other. Our retreat programs offer students the opportunity to spend time in reflection, receiving inspiration and tools to walk confidently in life as disciples of Jesus.
Retreats are planned and organized by the Campus Minister (Lara Druffner) with the help of the students on Retreat Team. The Retreat Team assists in preparing and executing retreats for middle and high school, our seventh through tenth grade retreats.

The highlight retreat for the students is Kairos. This overnight, multi-day retreat allows the junior class to gather away from school to focus on the role of Christ in their lives and what that means as leaders of the Cardinal Newman student community. The retreat is led by seniors who experienced Kairos as juniors and supported by faculty members who volunteer to spend the days with the class. Kairos is a reflective and personal experience for all who attends and enables juniors to explore their faith in a deeper way. This is accomplished by having the students come to know themselves in a more personal and spiritual manner, and come to know God in a more loving and personal way.