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       Cardinal Newman School’s Performing Arts program includes courses in Choral Music, Instrumental Music and Theatre Arts. The State of South Carolina and Cardinal Newman School abide by national content and school-wide learning standards that adhere to an eight-fold set of standards for education in Theatre Arts: Story-making/Script-writing, Acting, Designing, Directing, Researching, Connecting, Valuing and Responding, and Relating to History and Culture. These content standards inform and apply to all levels of Theatre education. Similarly, South Carolina and Cardinal Newman standards outline a nine-area set of content standards for its courses in music: Singing, Performing on Instruments, Improvising, Composing and Arranging, Reading and Notating, Analyzing, Evaluating, Making Artistic Connections, and Relating to History and Culture.


       The Theatre Arts program at Cardinal Newman further delineates its study into a three-fold process:

  1. Script Creation
  2. Acting, Directing and Production from page to stage
  3. History, Criticism. and Appreciation.

This delineation allows for extensive but clear exploration of the creative theatrical act.

     In the same way, the Music program delineates its nine standards into three overarching musical activities:

     1.Writing and Arranging

     2.Musical Performance

     3.History, Criticism and Appreciation.

Each element of teaching in the Performance Arts falls into one of these categories, and as a department we hold that every student can excel at one or all of them. It is our further conviction that education in these artistic activities will enrich each student’s mind and spirit.




According to the South Carolina Board of Education Standards for the Performing Arts, all children, regardless of background, ability or disposition, deserve the educational benefits that classes in the Performing Arts afford. Cardinal Newman’s Performing Arts department seeks to enrich its students’ educations by allowing children to both experience the creative process and explore how art has been created and performed by others in the past. This mission manifests itself in all Performing Arts courses, as our department seeks to allow students to innovate and create while being aware of how tradition, culture and history have impacted the way that the Performing Arts have been practiced by others throughout time.