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Organist Academy


exists to address a need for trained organists to serve the many Christian denominations that desire to use organ in their worship liturgy. We are looking for young faith-filled students in whom God has created a musical talent, and to challenge those students to explore a possible vocation in church music or for the simple enjoyment of doing something different!



Any rising 6th – 11th grader with, or without, a piano background may apply.


STUDENTS WITH NO PRIOR PIANO OR KEYBOARD SKILLS enter a custom curriculum designed to teach the student basic piano/keyboard skills before beginning 


STUDENTS WITH EXISTING PIANO OR KEYBOARD SKILLS enter Organ Academy Certification Level 1 after meeting auditioning with the organ instructor. 


STUDENTS participate in two annual all-day organ-crawls each school year, visiting four pipe organ installations on each crawl. Students go inside a pipe organ to see close-up, how everything works: pipes, chests, console, wind blowers, everything!