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The Guidance Department at Cardinal Newman School offers students and families a wide range of assistance including:
  • Testing Information
  • Test Interpretation Sessions
  • College Selection Assistance
  • College Scholarship Information
  • Academic Planning and Counseling
  • College and Career Counseling
  • Personal Guidance
For more information on programs and services offered by the Guidance Office contact a member of the Guidance Office staff.
General Counseling Information and Staff
The entire Guidance Department is available and qualified to assist students, and families, with academic and general counseling needs. They can also make referrals to further assist students if necessary. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our guidance counselors regarding any services needed.
Candi Watson – Director of Guidance, Guidance Counselor for 10th Graders, English Teacher
803-888-1613 [email protected]
Theresa Harper- Registrar, Guidance Administrative Assistant (Transcript Requests)
(803) 888-1611
John "J.R." Roth – Director of Tiered Supports, Art Teacher and NCAA Clearing House Coordinator
(803) 888-1627
Brittany Melvin – College Counselor
(803) 888-1625
Maura Moore - 7th and 8th Grade Academic and Personal Counselor
(803) 888-1626
Patrick Blake - 9th grade Academic and Personal Counselor
(803) 888-1614
Mary Mann - 11th and 12th Grade Academic and Personal Counselor
(803) 888-1624
[email protected]

Taylor Hanlon - Mental Health Counselor
(803) 888 -1643

***ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS: All Information on College open houses, scholarships, application deadlines, summer programs and more are posted on the COLLEGE COUNSELING PAGE. For more information on college news and events, please contact the Guidance Office.