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Summer Reading,Enrichment, and Extension Activities

Summer Reading, Enrichment, and Extension Activities

Cardinal Newman School is committed to providing enrichment and extension activities for all students during the summer months. Our goal in providing summer work is to sustain and build upon academic gains made during the school year. According to researchers David Quinn and Morgan Polikoff when no academic enrichment is provided, “Two months of reading skills and two and a half months of math skills are lost over a single summer. Summer slide is cumulative, so those lost months add up over time. Combined over the years, by the time a student reaches middle school, he/she has lost the equivalent of two years of learning due to summer slide. And the loss is greater at higher grade levels.”


At Cardinal Newman, we require summer reading to combat “summer slide.” As the new school year begins, students and faculty use summer reading as a springboard to launch critical thinking and applications based upon the readings.


Students continue to practice and hone their math skills through a math-enrichment program designed by our Math department.


Additionally, students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses meet with their instructors in the spring prior to summer break to discuss course objectives and expectations and to introduce foundational work that students will complete during summer to best prepare them for a successful AP experience.


This multi-departmental approach provides our students with both rigor and support so that they are ready to meet new academic challenges in the fall.


Please check back in April to see our new offerings for Summer 2021!