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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Key Points


  1. Catholic Identity
    1. We will ensure that all our courses are taught through the lens of the Scripture and Catholic intellectual tradition.
    2. We will develop a master plan for art throughout our wonderful new campus.
    3. We will enhance our Chaplaincy, Campus Ministry, and Service program that will more fully engage students with their faith.
  2. Academics
    1. Our Guidance Program will be restructured, giving each student the strongest direction, most particular them as individuals, at every level.
    2. We will offer a comprehensive college guidance program that begins in the ninth-grade year.
    3. We will enrich our offerings for our highest achieving academic students.
    4. We will offer a tiered support program that will meet the needs of all different learners according to their need.
    5. We will strengthen the Middle School identity and experience.
    6. We will develop a career-readiness program.
    7. We will foster a culture of greater intellectual curiosity.
    8. We will increase rigor at all levels of instruction.
  3. Technology and Facilities
    1. We will implement a system that will continuously plan for and improve on the use of technology for instruction and communication.
    2. We will develop a long-term facilities plan that will guide our plans for the future use of our beautiful seventy-six acres.
    3. We will ensure that our campus is safe and secure, with the appropriate technology available throughout.
  4. Institutional Advancement 
    1. We will develop a cohesive marketing plan, using the most advanced technology and planning, that is specifically directed towards those in the Columbia area that will most benefit from the excellent formation that we offer at Cardinal Newman.
    2. We will properly staff our development office so that we can properly engage, inform, and support those who partner with us in our ministry.
    3. We will communicate more regularly with and support our alumni, who remain vital members of the Cardinal Newman community.
    4. We will establish a clear brand in the Midlands.
  5. Vibrant Student Life
    1. We will further develop a culture with a trust-driven student-teacher relationship.
    2. We will support student mental health needs.
    3. We will address bullying with a student-lead team.
    4. We will grow in our appreciation of the diversity of our community.
    5. We will enhance our student leadership experiences.
    6. We will strengthen the Middle School experience.