Middle School Drama Middle School Drama is an elective course introducing students to the skills and disciplines needed to be focused and successful performers. Acting study is based on group games, memorized scene work, improvisation, and imagination. This course will provide a wonderful opportunity for the students to express themselves creatively in a welcoming class environment. Students will explore topics that include monologues, storytelling, reader’s theater, musical theater, Shakespeare, and selected plays. Throughout the course there will be opportunities for students to showcase their talents both in and out of the classroom.

Drama I Students will survey the following aspects of theater production: staging, theatrical styles, and acting. In addition to academic work in the history of theatre, students will spend a good portion of the course performing and writing scenes, building sets, and practicing the basic components of stage, costume and make-up design.

Drama II – Advanced Acting and Directing Lab This class will build on the acting and directing techniques learned in Drama I in order to prepare the student for refined, exceptional scene and play preparation. Students will spend time performing intense direction and performance sequences and will work with their peers to produce different scenes from several different periods and styles.


Drama III—World of Stagecraft This course continues the work of Drama I and Drama II to explore advanced production techniques on the stage. Students will write, direct, produce and plan technical components for their own scenes and for each of Cardinal Newman’s Fall and Spring semester theatrical productions.

Technical Theater This course will address best practices in the design and construction of set pieces and costumes in Theater. Curriculum will include: the safe and effective use of manual and power tools; the use of flats and 3-D set pieces to create onstage space; the effective set-up of sound and light equipment; and using raw materials creatively and cost-effectively in set and costume design. Students in this course will design and build the sets and costumes for the Drama productions at Cardinal Newman.

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