Endowed Scholarships:

The Warren McCord Snoddy Jr. Memorial Scholarship For Personal Enrichment

Provided by Mr. Lawrence M. Bundscu

The Warren McCord Snoddy Scholarship was established to assist a deserving high school student in pursuing a personal aspiration to grow or become better in a chosen area. With the aid of this scholarship, students may participate in organized workshops or pursue private training. The areas the scholarship can cover include: a) the Arts – drama, instrumental and vocal music, and the visual arts; b) physical/athletic development. For information about the scholarship, or to download an application, please click here.


Funded Scholarships:

Herbkersman Family Memorial Scholarship

Provided by: The Herbkersman Family

Funds are awarded to students demonstrating a joy for living through active involvement in school and church. To view a video about the late Bern Herbkersman, click here.

For information about the scholarship, or to download an application, please click here.


Bobbi Rossi Memorial Fund Scholarship

Provided by: The Rossi Family and The Bobbi Rossi Memorial Fund

This scholarship is open to the current Junior Class (Class of 2021).  This scholarship strives to immortalize Bobbi’s optimism, enthusiasm and commitment to humanity.  Hence, this annual scholarship will be awarded to a member of the Cardinal Newman Class of 2021 who not only possesses the dedication and spirit illustrated in Bobbi’s life, but also holds the power to reach and touch others-illustrated today in Bobbi’s legacy.   Students of the Junior Class are asked to nominate fellow students for consideration; self-nominations are also accepted. The nomination deadline is February 3, 2020. We encourage all Juniors to participate. Nominated students will be notified and asked to submit an online application. The selection committee will choose a recipient based on the online application.  For information about the scholarship, or to download the nomination form, please click here.

Spirit of Cardinal Newman Award
Provided by: Cardinal Newman PTO

Created by the Cardinal Newman PTO, this scholarship awards $1,200 to five (5) students. This is the first scholarship that all current CN students are eligible to apply for. Information about this scholarship will be available by February 1, 2020.


Scholar Athlete Award

Provided by The Cardinal Club

Created by the Cardinal Club, this scholarship awards $1,000 to (3) three current Cardinal Newman students who excel in both academics and athletics. Awards will be given to a rising sophomore, a rising junior and a rising senior. For information about this scholarship, or to download an application, please click here.

The Sohn Family Memorial Scholarship

Provided by Willard Sohn (’66)

The Sohn Family Memorial Scholarship is established in memory of siblings Paul (’66) and Peggy (’64) by brother Will Sohn (’66).  This scholarship is open to all CN seniors.  Candidates will be well rounded, with a zest for life.  This scholarship is not intended for the exceptional student who is likely to receive other scholarships.  The administration, faculty and staff will nominate students.  Nominees will be notified by mail and will be asked to submit an essay entitled, “If I was given $500, how would I use it?” Nominees are encouraged to show their personality and creativity in their essay.



For more information on applying for these scholarships or to learn more about starting a scholarship fund at Cardinal Newman School, please contact the Development Office at 803.888.1641.