Cardinal Newman Hosts IAC Regional Finals - History/Geography/Science Bees

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the IAC Regional Finals, and especially those who went home with medals! Stay tuned to see which of these bright students will make it to the next level. Winners could get the chance to compete in Rome, Italy or Ecuador!
Special thanks to Sean Briody (Coach); and faculty members, Tony Haughey, George Kaupp, Callie Murphy, and Olivia Livingston who volunteered their time during the event. 
Middle School Regional Competition for History Bee, Geography Bee, and Science Bee National History Bee Qualifiers: Sophie Xu (Champion), Brock Dillensnyder, Wesley Russell
International History Olympiad (in Rome) Qualifiers: Sophie Xu, Brock Dillensnyder, Wesley Russell
International Geography Bee Nationals Qualifiers: Landon Guzman (2nd place), Sophie Xu (2nd place)
International Geography Championships (in Ecuador) Qualifiers: Landon Guzman, Sophie Xu
National Science Bee Qualifiers: Nick Fakas (2nd place), Landon Guzman (3rd place), Sophie Xu (Champion), Brock Dillensnyder (2nd place), Lucy Alphin (3rd place), Vince Morris
International Environmental Science Olympiad (in Ecuador) Qualifiers: Nick Fakas, Sophie Xu, Brock Dillensnyder, Vince Morris