Cardinal Newman Recognized for Stewardship of Water and Wetland Resources.

Cardinal Newman was recently visited by representatives from the Gills Creek Watershed Association.  A watershed is a "precipitation collector" --an area of land that drains all the rainfall and small streams into a common outlet such as the point where a river joins a bay, or a creek joins a river. Watersheds can be small, like the Gills Creek Watershed here in Columbia, or huge--think of the area of our country that ultimately drains into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River. No matter where you live, you're in a watershed. The City of Columbia tracks information about the Broad, Congaree, Lower Saluda and Gills Creek--all major watersheds within City limits. 
The association plans to recognize Cardinal Newman with the Watershed Wonder award at their upcoming board meeting.This award is to recognize our school for our efforts in to create a healthier environment and cleaner
water. Cardinal Newman will proudly accept this award later this month, and pledges to continue doing all that we can to protect the watershed!