CN Students Enjoy a Visit From Local Guest Speaker, Dr. Treva Anderson, Ph.D.

Recently, our Introduction to Psychology class enjoyed a visit from a guest speaker. Dr. Treva Anderson, Ph.D. came to speak to the class about her work as a counselor at Fort Jackson and her work as a Sports Psychologist.  She has dedicated her life to helping people develop the highest level of mental toughness and resilience to accomplish goals. Our students were able to learn a great deal from her, particularly about working with coaches, teammates and about self-motivation. 
Dr. Anderson's mission is focused on helping others pursue excellence, which made her a perfect fit for our students. She believes that everyone can achieve high levels of performance with an effective mindset and hard work. 
When asked what they enjoyed most about their time with Dr. Anderson they all agreed that they felt that their questions were heard and that their time was valuable. They plan to utilize some of the techniques they discussed regarding "getting their head in the zone", pushing themselves to meet process-goals rather than end-goals, and working on remaining calm when their bodies are stressed physically during athletic competitions. Thank you to Dr. Anderson for joining us here at Cardinal Newman and for sharing your wisdom with our students!