Cardinal Newman Class of 2022 Earns Record Breaking Scholarship Funding

As we enter into a post-pandemic world, offering students the support they need is paramount to their overall success. In August of 2020, when Cardinal Newman reopened its doors with strict Covid protocols in place to ensure the safety of much needed face-to-face learning, additional support for students was necessary. During the 2021-2022 school year, the need for more support - academically, socially and mentally - became even more apparent. Thankfully, Cardinal Newman was able to answer the call.
We started by restructuring how students receive academic support. With many students enrolling at CN for the first time, after a full year of virtual learning in public school, much was required in terms of academic recovery. Cardinal Newman relied on the help provided by our Student Support Staff, which includes our Mental Health Counselor, School Nurse, Mathematics Interventionist and English/ Language Arts Interventionist. These new roles, in addition to our Director or Student Services, Director of Tiered Support, Director of College Counseling and individual grade level guidance counselors create an environment for our students to have each of their unique needs met inside and outside the classroom. 
This level of support is what has attracted many new families to Cardinal Newman during what is proving to be a trying time for some students. We collaborate with parents to continue the good work they have begun at home, recognizing that the family is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. We work to further the students’ educational foundation in alignment with our shared values. We give students all the tools necessary to be successful during their time here. 
This supportive environment certainly paid off for our class of 2022, who were merely sophomores in the early stages of the pandemic. They stayed the course, took advantage of the resources available to them, and in turn earned more in scholarship funding than any previous graduating class; a record breaking $12.6 million total. This equates to an average of more than $137,000 per graduate. The class has seven students who signed to play collegiate sports, and two more who signed to play in the college marching band. The class of 2022 also boasts one National Merit Scholar finalist as well as 4 Commended Students. The class had a record number of Palmetto Fellows Scholarship recipients (16) as well as 31 LIFE Scholarship recipients, and 42 HOPE Scholarship recipients. Congratulations to our most recent alumni on all of their outstanding accomplishments!