DeLaSalle Students Learn About Financial Literacy in the Most Heartwarming Way

Our DeLaSalle Students needed to raise money for a project they were working on this semester. They created a "pop up" business called "Cardinal Cocoa" where they sold hot chocolate every week during students' break time. Through this, they sold more than 300 cups of hot chocolate - earning a grand total of  $373! The money earned was being collected to purchase Christmas gifts for students at Saint Martin DePorres, as part of the house Christmas charity. 
DeLaSalle students partnered with some of their fellow CN students, and Cardinal Cocoa baristas, to go on our shopping field trip to Target. The student were paired up and given a Christmas shopping list and a budget for a student at Saint Martin DePorres. They were expected to calculate the gift costs, taxes, and any additional needed items like wrapping paper, tape, bows, etc. while staying within their allotted budget.
Following the shopping trip, the students grabbed lunch with their friends at MOD pizza. Both of these field trip experiences put their classroom learning into real world practice, which is always the goal. It was a fun, off-campus, culminating activity for the financial literacy unit in DeLaSalle. The icing on the cake was the excitement on their faces, knowing that everything they did played a part in helping make someone else's Christmas a little brighter this year.