Several Cardinal Newman Students to Perform with SC Philharmonic This Sunday

This Sunday, November 14th at 4pm, several of our Music Department students are performing at the Koger Center in the Fall Youth Orchestra Concert. Tickets are $5 for students and $15 for adults. Available at the door or at and click calendar, then select the date (11/4.)
The Youth Philharmonic is the SCPYO's most advanced full orchestra for musicians with 6+ years playing experience. They perform professional-level repertoire and occasionally side-by-side the South Carolina Philharmonic. The Youth Philharmonic is led by Neil Casey.
The Symphonic Orchestra is the SCPYO’s intermediate full orchestra for musicians with 5-6 years playing experience. It performs unabridged pieces of standard orchestral repertoire, as well as some advanced level arrangements, and is led by Nathan Tucker. 
Thomas Blake(12th grade)-Trombone 
Marshall Seezen(12th grade)-Percussion
Madeleine Thoma (8th grade)-Violin
Neil Casey,USC Assistant Director of Orchestras, Director of the SC Philharmonic Youth Orchestras and Conductor of the USC Campus Orchestra
Sam Blake (10th grade) French Horn
Anastasia Egan (10th grade) Violin
Cari Torres (7th grade) Violin I, Concertmaster