Remembering Loved Ones on All Souls' Day

In our Catholic Faith we begin November with All Saints Day, which is celebrated annually on November 1.  This holy day of obligation is dedicated to the saints of the Church, those known and unknown. We held an all school Mass today in observance. 


Tomorrow, on November 2, the universal Church observes All Souls’ Day and remembers in prayer all those that have departed but have not yet reached heaven.  Praying for the faithful departed is tied directly to our belief in purgatory.  We believe that God lovingly responds to prayers asking that the souls of loved ones be welcomed swiftly into heaven.


We all have departed loved ones.  Although they are no longer with us on Earth, they remain in our hearts.  We invite all our Cardinal Newman families to share the names of their deceased loved ones to be remembered and prayed for during the month of November.  Click here to add the names of any loved ones you would like for us to remember in prayer this month.