Giselle Saenz Helping to Beautify our School Through Service

All Cardinal Newman students are required to complete a minimum number of service hours, which varies by grade level. Students can choose to join approved group activities, projects presented to them by faculty or staff or get approval on ways to gain hours on their own.

Last weekend, Giselle Saenz decided to get her hands dirty in order to earn some of her service hours. She came to campus to trim the crepe myrtle trees and shrubs that adorn our entryway. These trees and shrubs bloom beautifully in the late spring and through the summer, but pruning them this time of year is important to ensure new growth next spring. Pruning also helps them regain their most aesthetically pleasing shape. 

It can be tedious work to properly trim crepe myrtle; to shape them while being careful not to disrupt their growth pattern. We will be even more grateful for this next spring when they begin to bloom, not long after Easter, reminding us of the resurrection! Thank you to Giselle for helping keep the Cardinal Newman grounds looking pristine!