Now Accepting Submissions for the 2021 Cardinal Newman Alumni Hall of Fame

Cardinal Newman has many exemplary alumni and employees with outstanding life achievements. The Cardinal Newman School Alumni Hall of Fame was created to recognize those alumni/faculty members who have made important contributions in their professions and communities! Candidates for membership are submitted for the committee to review via this nomination form.
Nominees must have:
  • Graduated from (or worked for) Ursuline High, Catholic High or Cardinal Newman.
  • Graduated at least 10 years ago. (Class of 2011 or prior)
  • served, inspired, or achieved at local, regional, national or international levels in academia, the arts, business, civics, education, humanities, human services, literature, medicine, the military, the clergy, philanthropy, public service, or science, etc.
Alumni/faculty may be nominated posthumously. Self-nominations are not accepted.
Nominations must be received by July 23, 2021
Please submit your nominations by clicking the button below and filling out the form. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!
If you have any questions, please contact Tammie Maddock.