Cardinal Newman Students, Faculty and Staff Hear from Inspirational Speaker, Damon West

On Friday, May 21 our student body, faculty and staff all had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Mr. Damon West. Mr. West spoke about finding opportunity in adversity, using tales of his own life’s struggles to paint a picture. He emphasized that the choices you make today will affect your life tomorrow, through his message of strength and hope.
The coffee bean analogy really resonated; that life is like a pot of boiling water and you can become soft and weak, like a carrot, become hardened like an egg, or you can “be a coffee bean” and cause positive change around you! He left them with this last bit of advice, “Focus only on what you can control…what you think, what you say, how you feel and and what you do.” 
To read more about Mr. West's incredible journey, from Division 1 starting quarterback to prison inmate to college professor and best selling author, click here. We are so grateful for his message and the time he took to share with the Cardinal Newman family.