A Mission Trip to Africa, the Experience of a Lifetime

One of our seniors, Anna Grace Boney, spent two weeks of her Christmas break in Zambia, Africa, with a ministry team from Africa Freedom Mission. She spent the majority of her time in Lusaka, where teams partner with a variety of ministries that provide orphan care, community outreach, evangelism and discipleship, mentoring, a street kids ministry and feeding programs.  They ministered in both Lusaka and some of the rural communities surrounding the city.  These trips are an amazing opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of ministries and build relationships with the people of Zambia.

Anna Grace shared with us just how God worked through her on this mission trip. “God is moving! He is moving here in the states and he moved in Africa in the hearts of so many,” says Anna Grace. During her time in Africa, she was in awe of how God is bringing people to Himself there. The body of Christ is not restricted by borders or language or culture, but is united in the sacrifice of our savior.

Her favorite time in Africa was when her team was able to run a camp in a local village. Playing games with 150 children, doing crafts, eating Nshema together, and sharing the gospel message with them brought her more joy than she has ever known. 

One special moment that Anna Grace said she will never forget was when her team was sitting in a cement schoolhouse in a local village. She watched as the children all ate lunch on the ground together, and from one plate. Their feet were dirty from running in the red clay, her hair had been twisted into small braids by some of the students there and her heart overflowed with joy as she watched them giggle. “It’s in little moments like those where I was reminded that although difficult, there is an overflow of peace and joy that fills the heart when we follow the call the Lord gives us; to proclaim him to the nations,” she says. 

This mission trip allowed Anna Grace to have an intentional walk with our Heavenly Father - running to Him in brokenness, meeting Him as our only true source of rest, and finding all hope in the salvation that we can only attain through Him.

Today, and every day, you have the opportunity to walk with your Heavenly Father. Find joy in that freedom! He is working in the waiting you may be experiencing right now. Run to Him, rest in Him, find joy in the only thing that can fully satisfy you. We can proclaim His name, boldly, without fear, resting in the sovereign will of the Father!