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CN Student Parking Application 22-23

To receive a parking assignment for the 2022-2023 school year ALL STUDENTS must complete the parking application. All applications MUST be accompanied by the required fee of $30.00 in order to be processed.  After first semester, the price will be prorated to $15. 

All students will receive their parking stickers at their respective orientations in August.

Senior parking stickers will be black with white lettering.

Junior parking stickers will be white with black lettering.

Sophomore and Freshman stickers will be white with red lettering.

Spaces will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis with seniors having priority parking closest to the B-Wing building followed by the juniors, etc.

Be sure to read and be familiar with the Student Parking Guidelines, below.

With the recent paving, lining, and numbering of the lot between the gym and the softball field, sophomores and freshmen and/or students who begin driving during the school year may be assigned a spot in this area or behind the cafeteria if the student lot becomes full.

2022-2023 Student Parking Guidelines

  • Make sure your car is locked at all times. Cardinal Newman does not assume responsibility for contents left in your car or damages to your car.
  • Parking decals must be permanently affixed on the rear bumper of your vehicle. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense!
  • Cars are not to be backed into parking spaces.
  • Students are allowed to go to their cars only for the purpose of leaving campus. You may not sit in cars during your free period or during skinnies.
  • Excessive speeding, loud radio playing, and horseplay are not permitted in the Cardinal Newman parking lots. (Remember that video cameras are recording all activity in the parking lot 24/7.) The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has jurisdiction in this neighborhood and will be accessed concerning any traffic related issues.
  • The Cardinal Newman administration reserves the right to search your car at any time.
  • Students must enter and exit the parking area at the 2nd entrance if you are approaching from the I-20 side. (The first entrance if approaching from the Two Notch Road side)
  • If someone has parked in your space, report this information (including make and color of car and license number) to the school office or to Mr. Watson immediately. Do not take someone else’s space if yours is taken. Park in a visitor’s space in front of the school until your space becomes available.
  • Students ARE NOT allowed to randomly swap parking spaces in order to park closer to friends.
  • You are not allowed to have any materials deemed offensive or controversial by the administration on your vehicle (stickers, license plates, painted messages on windows, etc.).
  • Do not throw trash in the parking lot. You are responsible for keeping your space clean. (Remember, we have cameras watching.)
  • You may not give permission to another student to use your space during school hours. And you do not have the authority to give another student your space if you leave Cardinal Newman during the school year.
  • If you drive another car that does not have a CN sticker, you must notify the office or Mr. Watson immediately.
  • If there is a possibility that you might drive a different family car on a somewhat regular basis be sure to fill out a 2nd parking application form for that vehicle and pick up a second parking sticker with your numbered space at orientation. You are not required to pay a second fee. 
  • A violation of any of the above rules may result in the loss of your parking privileges for the remainder of a semester or even the school year. No refunds will be given.


NOTE:  Even though we are in a new facility with more parking our enrollment continues to steadily increase and our student parking is fixed at a certain number of spaces. If your family has multiple siblings who are or will be driving please help out by consolidating, if possible, into one vehicle in order to allow us to accommodate the growing number of drivers each year. 


I have read the guidelines established for parking privileges and understand that violations may mean suspension of privileges and or disciplinary action. (E-signatures required to submit this form)


Price: $15.00
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