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Class Name: Drama 2 and 3
Teacher: Patrick Boos
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Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: Apr 5 4:59 PM (2 days ago)
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Monday: "Gospel at Colonus": a Gospel musical translation of Oedipus' third play. Please take notes to compare the styles of the three productions we have viewed in the Oedipus trilogy

Wednesday: Prepare for a Quiz on the Oedipus cycle and Greek Theater. More details on Monday.

Due: Mar 25
Last Modified: Mar 23 10:35 AM
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Quick update! There will be a really basic Kahoot quiz on Wednesday. No need to stress out-- it's just basic plot and characters from our three Shakespearean comedies.
Due: Mar 23
Last Modified: Mar 22 7:34 PM
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Hello, students!

As usual, log into GroupMe each day this week to begin class.

We will be incorporating some viewing/summarizing assignments, as well as some Zoom readings this week.

Twelfth Night interpretations: view the provided videos, and send in a summary to Showbie, as usual.

Zoom readings on Showbie. Hopefully it'll be as easy as I think it will be, but you'll be reading scripts in small groups and watching a quick documentary.

We will continue Wednesday's activity-- it should take more than one class period for all the groups to read.

See you Monday!
Due: Mar 20
Last Modified: Mar 16 2:30 PM
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Hello students!

I hope your day is going well and your family is handling this international emergency with peace of mind. If I can be of any service to you while we are out of school, please let me know. Please know that while what Im putting here seems pretty rigid, I will follow through with a lot of flexibility. Do your best while you adjust, and stay in touch on GroupMe via DM or the class chat open and frequent communication is the most important thing.

Let me give you a quick snapshot of what youll need while we proceed with classes online:

Please make sure you have the following apps:

Zoom (for meetings)

We will check in every class period with GroupMe. Ill post a role call on GroupMe that you can Like to check into the class.

On our two class days this week, I will have a couple videos for you to watch and take notes on. I�ll send those videos out at the very beginning of the class period, and you will have 50 minutes to watch them, take notes, and turn them into Showbie. I�ll grade them as quickly as possible each time. This week especially, these videos will be quick and straightforward, to make sure we get our class process down.