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DeLaSalle Program

DeLaSalle is Cardinal Newman's inclusive, academic program for Middle and High School students with intellectual exceptionalities! 

The ideal DeLaSalle candidate is a student who:

  • Has life-long developmental or intellectual differences
  • Has academic performance of at least a 1st grade level
  • Is able to express and communicate verbal expression
  • Interacts with peers and faculty in a socially appropriate way
  • Is able to follow classroom expectations while working in large and small groups with minimal supervision
  • Can adhere to the behavioral standards of Cardinal Newman School
  • Is able to complete modified assignments independently or with minimal assistance in the classroom setting
  • Is able to demonstrate independent daily living skills with minimal assistance

To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and grace of God. Inspire and lead others by encouraging them.

~Saint John Baptist De La Salle~


Michelle Holbrook

Director of Admissions

Program Director

Christina Atkinson

Director of DeLaSalle

Success Story

Lucy Graham, class of 2018,  has grown her own jewelry business, the Upside Down Collection, into a thriving online and increasingly in-person business. The business doubles as an advocacy platform for people with intellectual disabilities—its mission is to share “the upside of Down Syndrome.” 

After completing the DeLaSalle program here at Cardinal Newman, Lucy went on to attend and complete the LIFE Program at Clemson University, like many of our DeLaSalle students.  Learn more about Lucy's journey and support her business, here!